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Digital solutions for laboratories
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We partnered up with great companies around the world.

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Our life scientists join powers with our software developers to deliver the best solutions for your needs.

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Our Work

We understand the laboratory inside out and strive to create the software that improves laboratory processes. 

Over the past 10 years, we have worked with many laboratory instrument manufacturers and delivered software products that were tailored to the customer needs. Our aim is to empower scientists with professional software that has an excellent user experience. 

BioSistemika has also consulted the most prominent companies about setting up a  digitalization strategy. We help to implement it and build all the missing links by integrating existing software solutions or building new ones. 

Digital culture is in our DNA. We can help you implement it into your instrument or into your lab. This is our contribution to the better science.

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“The use of PlatR enabled faster and more accurate pipetting
which effectively reduced pipetting time and error rate by 30%.”

M.R. - National Institute of Biology, SL

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Through the years we have helped great companies and laboratories digitalizing and optimizing their processes. We can help you too.

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