qPCR Experience® workshop: Real-time PCR in Plant pathology: Diagnostics and Research, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 4th - 7th December 2012

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The hands-on 4-day qPCR Experience® workshop: Real-time PCR in Plant pathology: Diagnostics and Reseach focused on diagnostics and quantification of plant pathogenic microorganisms using real-time PCR integrating EPPO Guidelines.  Workshop was organised in collaboration with National Institute of Biology (NIB), European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation  (EPPO) and Qdetect EU project.

The workshop covered review of qPCR theory, practical guidance on plant sample preparation and quality control, assay design, quality assurance according to ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 standards as well as extensive hands-on lab (in ISO accredited laboratories of National Institute of Biology) and data analysis sessions.
There was plenty of time for successful team work, collaboration, questioning and interesting debates with qPCR instructors and guest lecturers. 

qPCR Instructors
Dr. Tanja Dreo*, Uni. Prof. Dr. Maja Ravnikar*, Dr. Urška Čepin, Dr. Matjaž Hren, Mag. Nataša Mehle*, Dr. Manca Pirc*
* Plant pathology specialists from the Department of Biotechnology and Systems Biology at National Institute of Biology.

Guest lecturers
Dr. Neil Boonham, the team leader at Fera (The Food and Environment Research Agency, York, United Kingdom) and world known specialist for development of new molecular tools (qPCR, microarrays, LAMP, new generation sequencing) in microbiology. He will share his knowledge and experience in his lecture about new approaches to plant pathogens diagnostics with emphasis on LAMP.

Françoise Petter, assistant director of EPPO (European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation) will share a talk on EPPO activities and support for Quality Assurance, in relation to activities diagnostic laboratories need to undertake in order to validate methods and obtain accreditation.

Marga van Gent-Pelzer, research assistant at PRI (Plant Research International), part of Wageningen University & Research Centre (Wageningen UR), will share practical experience in detection and genotyping using real-time PCR on examples of Synchytrium endobioticum, Phytophthora infestans and Fusarium.

Our international team also enjoyed Ljubljana decorated with December lights and tried slovenian specialties during the dinner at Ljubljana Castle.

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